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Job Description:
Enabling Chances


Focus on Performance.

Plus Personality.

We take a close look at your personality, identify your strengths and weaknesses, deriving actions and strategies from this analysis.

For all necessary facets of an extraordinary career and lifestyle planning: As an athlete, public figure, testimonial, interview partner, investor, entrepreneur.


To achieve greater success in sports and business aligned to your personal skills and interests, not just during your active career, but also far beyond. 

Raise The Potential

We've seen many careers fail or fall far short of success because talent and physical ability alone are usually not enough.


The right mindset, an ambitious vision, proactive planning, and a willingness to respect inspiration and advice are essential.


To get started, we bring together experts from various industries to form our Talcon team. After all, top athletes need much more than sports experts to benefit from consulting.


Shaping The Future

Athletic performance, mental toughness, leadership skills, media skills, linguistic aptitude, personality profile, advertising relevance, intelligent financial management, and networking with decision-makers in relevant industries ... These are all exemplary starting points for our activities. 

From Talent to Icon.

That's what Talcon stands for.


Are you ready?

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